The EW Team Pledge

Korilynn VanDyke

March 29, 2022

As a writer, QA, or another member of the EW team, you are pivotal to the success of our company and play a vital role in the success of others on this team. We rely heavily on each team member, and the rest suffer when one drops the ball.

Let me tell you a little story…

EW had a team member who was with us for almost two years. She delivered top-notch content, and was relied on heavily for her amazing marketing skills, and clients absolutely loved her work. She was requested frequently, and during our website relaunch, we had planned on using her to create our brand’s content. 

Unfortunately, she plagiarized a paragraph from another website to cut corners and turn in content faster on just one assignment. While it didn’t hit on Copyscape, the client found it.

The client lost trust in our content quality and has left EW. This was no here-and-there small order client either. 

Instead, this client ordered thousands of dollars in content per month, which means their leaving us took away thousands of dollars in income for other writers and QAs on the team for good. 

All because a trusted writer decided to cut corners one day, no longer care about the quality of her content, and delivered something that ultimately broke our client’s trust in us and our trust in her.

After thousands of words written for EW and earning a full-time income of $3,000-$4,000 on average per month with EW, we had to let her go immediately

Why? Because she no longer held our trust, just as we no longer held that client’s trust. 

All it took was a small paragraph – just four sentences – to change it all.

In situations like these, there are no second chances. Trust is critical. 

EW trusts in its team because, without the team, there is no Express Writers. 

Therefore, everyone working for the EW team must not only know our Team Pledge but remember that pledge each time they create a piece of content – whether 50 words or 5,000. 

Express Writers’ Team Pledge 

  1. I CARE about the content I create.
  2. I understand that there is zero tolerance for poor-quality content.
  3. I know cutting corners is NOT AN OPTION – therefore, I will never use any tool (such as AI) to improve my speed and sacrifice quality.
  4. I understand that EW and its clients trust me to provide high-quality, original content EVERY, SINGLE, TIME.
  5. I plan to contribute and help EW (and everyone under the EW team) grow because I know my actions hold consequences for more than just myself.

The bottom line, you are part of a team. 

You may be a freelancer, but you are a freelancer that works as part of a team. Take on the team mentality today so we can continue to grow together tomorrow.

Great team members make others better. EW wants a team of people doing their best and helping each other improve simultaneously.

Your actions impact everyone. Choose to make those actions positive.

So, care about what you do, and Express Writers will be a fun, rewarding place to thrive.

If you cannot be part of EW’s culture, you may not be the best fit for our team.



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