Meet the Management Team

Korilynn VanDyke

March 29, 2022


Before you dive into your orientation, we wanted to introduce you to a few key people behind Express Writers, including some of whom you will be dealing with daily.

A Hello and Welcome from Adam and Alicia Oakley (Our CEO and COO)

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Meet Your Content Manager: Korilynn

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The QA Team

When you submit an assignment, it goes through our QA team. Just some of the QAs you will see checking your work and possibly sending it back for revisions include:

  • Danielle
  • Maria
  • Cassie
  • Jayiana

Our QAs are like content mentors. They are there to make sure you follow the guidelines (don’t worry, you will see those in this orientation) and improve your content so that you can grow with our team. They are also there as a second set of eyes just to ensure the content is ready for the client.



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